Leadership at First Baptist Church of Okemos

Sep 25, 2021


Welcome to the Leadership page of First Baptist Church of Okemos! Here, you will get to know the dedicated individuals who lead our church and guide our community towards spiritual growth and faith.

Our Pastors

First Baptist Church of Okemos is blessed to have a team of exceptional pastors who are committed to serving our congregation and the Westland community. Their passion for spreading the teachings of the Bible and fostering a strong sense of community is what sets our church apart.

Pastor John Smith - Lead Pastor

Pastor John Smith serves as the Lead Pastor of First Baptist Church of Okemos. With over 15 years of pastoral experience, Pastor John brings a deep understanding of Scripture and a contagious enthusiasm for sharing the Word of God. He is known for his thought-provoking sermons that inspire and challenge individuals on their faith journey.

Pastor Sarah Thompson - Associate Pastor

Pastor Sarah Thompson is our dedicated Associate Pastor, responsible for overseeing various ministries and ensuring the spiritual well-being of our congregation. With a heart full of compassion and a desire to help others, she leads by example and encourages individuals to grow in their faith and actively engage in community outreach programs.

Our Staff Members

Alongside our pastors, First Baptist Church of Okemos has a committed team of staff members who work diligently behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of our church ministry and community programs.

John Davis - Worship Director

John Davis serves as our Worship Director, leading our congregation into heartfelt worship through music and song. With his exceptional talent and passion for creating a joyful worship experience, John creates an atmosphere where individuals can connect with God on a deeper level.

Rebecca Johnson - Youth Director

Rebecca Johnson is our dedicated Youth Director, responsible for guiding and mentoring the younger members of our church. She organizes various youth programs, retreats, and activities that promote spiritual growth, character development, and strong moral values.

Our Leadership Philosophy

At First Baptist Church of Okemos, our leadership philosophy is deeply rooted in the core values of love, humility, and servant leadership. We believe in leading by example, nurturing genuine relationships, and empowering individuals to discover and utilize their unique gifts and talents for the greater good.

Join our Faith Community

If you are seeking a welcoming and vibrant faith community in Westland, MI, we invite you to join us at First Baptist Church of Okemos. Our leadership team, pastors, and staff members are here to support you on your spiritual journey and help you deepen your relationship with God.

Contact us today to learn more about our services, ministries, and community outreach programs. We look forward to connecting with you and walking together in faith!

John Kvistad
Impressive spiritual leaders! 🙏
Oct 14, 2023